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ACG (Arbitraj channels group) — the greatest range of SNG channels and chats on arbitration topics.

The ACG website has more than 30 channels and chats for direct arbitration with more than 150,000 prepayers. Over 5000 satisfied clients.
Over 8 years of successful work, telegram robots have served over 100,000 clients: from arbitration teams to recruiting agents.
By studying with ACG you will take away:
A proven manager who can answer all questions and give recommendations for placement
Volume after advertising launch.
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Glory to Ukraine !!!

SafeUA — This is the voluntary sharing of the poor citizens of Ukraine.

Safe UA From the first months of the war, I was involved in volunteering and fighting against the info-war machine of racist propaganda. Before us, we recruited thousands of marketers, designers and other people in the IT industry. We assisted in the evacuation of people from Mariupol, the collection of goods from massacres for military and civilian consumption, as well as other short-lived rights that were best left in the dungeon. Hundreds of volunteers helped us by sharing their resources, including CrazyFB.Shop. We are the official partner of this fine Cossack shop.
Glory to Ukraine, Glory to the Nation and fucked up the Russian Federation.

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Dolphin{anty} — Anti-detect browser for traffic arbitration tasks.

Work with hundreds of unique profiles from one device. Each profile — This is a unique browser fingerprint with a separate environment for working on the Internet. Cache, cookies and other settings are completely separate from each other.
A modern antidetect requires not only high-quality substitutions, but also convenient interaction in a team, tracking the status of accounts, notes and proxies. The developers have seriously worked on this functionality.

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Keitaro — tracker to track your advertising campaigns.

Tracker features:
- Quick reports
- Built-in landing page editor
- Full IPv6 support
- Built-in geo-bases
- User activity tracking
- Integrations with Namecheap, Cloudflare, Facebook, Google Ads.

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Dolphin — This is a service for automating work with Facebook advertising.

• Statistics of all accounts in one window;
• The best car filler on the automation market;
• Working with the team and distributing access rights to accounts;
• Statistics of the entire team on low tide in one window;
• Massive actions for linking cards and paying debts, creating pixels and FB, creating BM and accounts in a couple of clicks;
• Managing advertising campaigns and cleaning comments.

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Linken Sphere — New generation anti-detect browser.

The new generation of Spheres offers the fastest and most intuitive interface, flexible team settings, innovative hybrid substitution mode, the ability to bulk import accounts and create dozens of profiles in just one click. And he's damn handsome too!

Linken Sphere is ideal for multi-accounts, allows you to significantly improve your work results and reliably protects your accounts from bans and blocking based on browser fingerprints.

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PROXYS.IO — High-quality proxies for any task.

Individual and shared proxies for working with Facebook advertising accounts and other tasks. Our servers have high reliability and affordable prices, which makes them accessible to everyone. 

- Discounts for purchasing multiple proxies;
- API for integration into software;
- Possibility to take a proxy for testing;
- Technical support 24/7;
- Server, mobile and residential proxies to choose from
- Convenient payment methods (cryptocurrencies, cards, electronic wallets).

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