Важная информация

After purchasing an account, the store administration is not responsible for their use for certain purposes.

All actions on the account remain the full responsibility of the buyer.

After purchasing, you MUST check your accounts:

We strongly recommend logging into your Facebook account ONLY from your IP geo account. When accessing from other countries, access to the service may be limited. In this case, the account cannot be replaced.

If you are logged into your account and they ask for a document, you can ask to exchange it; if you try to pass the check yourself, then such an item will not be subject to exchange.

If you are blocked while farming, this is not a reason for replacement!

Do not check purchased accounts with a public checker or public proxy, otherwise they will be blocked!

Received goods cannot be returned, replacements are by accounts only.


Replacements are made only if the account is banned during the initial verification. You can check your account using the id that goes to each account without logging into it (without login and logging into your account using cookies)

Substitute the id into the link — This is just an example!

And from any browser paste this link into the address bar. If the account is working, then the profile will open; if not, then a message will appear that the content is not available.

If the account is not working, write to support (@CrazyFB_Support) for a replacement.

You must provide the following information:

Take a full screenshot of the screen so that you can see the time and date.

Order number and email that was indicated when purchasing the account

Detailed description of the situation.

When contacting, please indicate immediately in the first message:

Good afternoon! I have an invalid order.

  1. {Order number/payment note}
  2. {Email to which the order was placed}
  3. {Order time}
  4. {How did you check?}
  5. {Detailed description of actions with accounts. Description of the problem.}

Time to check accounts regarding purchase quantity:

1-10 pieces = 30 minutes

10-40 pcs = 2 hours

Replacement is not provided if:

You logged into your account and it crashed after some time at the checkpoint.

When the air defense missile system takes off — NO replacement!

If you performed any actions on your account, including running ads, and it was banned.

You checked your account using the maskfb service (and others like it) using the token and it gave an error. (In most cases, this can be treated by logging in through the anti-detect browser and confirming by email) We check only using the method indicated above, otherwise no claims will be accepted!