Recommendations on how to warm up your Facebook account

Не много информации о том как прогревать фейсбук аккаунт перед запуском рекламы!


Why? It's simple. FB has introduced new filters. If you don’t warm up your account properly for a couple of days — probability of ban RK 90%

This is the story across the entire market. It's not our fault.


1. The most important thing is to use anti-detect browsers and good individual or mobile proxies.

2. Correspondence with people who THEMSELVES are the first to write to you (inbox) is welcome.

You can even answer audio and video calls — They say this greatly increases trust.

3. Block some arrogant people who write nasty things to you or send you prohibited materials, preferably write a complaint against them, 100% greatly increases trust

4. In a few days you can start setting up advertising.

(some launch immediately, but we don’t recommend it).

5. At the first login, close your browser for 30 minutes so that FB does not block you for suspicious activity. If you are active, then reduce your ardor.


— Do not add anyone as a friend when making outgoing requests.

— Do not write messages to new people (RECOMMENDED: reply to incoming messages and video calls).

— Don't add photos.

— Do not leave your account without moving the mouse for more than 5 minutes immediately after logging in for the first time.

— Act like a real ordinary user. If you logged into FB for the first time and went to set up advertising like a professional, FB will see this activity and throw you out for a selfie because the average user does not have such skills.

— FB is a machine with artificial intelligence. Don’t be upset if she outplayed you, real Traffic Arbitration Gurus — they use 100 accounts at one time, 50 of them get to the point of draining traffic, of these 50 pieces, 10 pieces show the result (a result that covers all their expenses and allows them to earn from a million rubles a month).

It's difficult, but you can do it.

— The more you warm up your account, the greater the chance of your advertising becoming a plus.