Как работать с аккаунтами?

We recommend using Dolphin Anti-Detect and mobile proxies in SOCKS5 format — It is on these proxies that our accounts are farmed.

There are two ways to log into your account:
1. By cookies — I recommend this method!
2. By login and password + two-factor code
By following the link to the profile, you can check its functionality — do this before logging into your account!

We recommend working with our accounts using Dolphin Anti-Detect(but other indigo/octo, etc. are also possible) browsers because they replace hardware fingerprints that Facebook sees.
Don’t try to immediately link a card or go to the Ads manager; you should go to the cookies, let your account sit down and only then go to the Ads manager.

How to log into your account using cookies?

In each order file, cookies are included and have the format:

Install the Cookie-Editor extension
Instructions for importing cookies:
1. Go to the website http://facebook.com (the login page will open)
2. In the extension, click the “Delete All” button, thereby clearing all cookies on the site
3. Click the “Import” button and insert the entire cookie from your order file into the window – only cookies, start — [{» … “}] — end, (login, password, etc. – no need to insert there)
4. Click “Import” again — after which the extension will notify you that the cookies have been loaded successfully.
5. Refresh your open Facebook tab
6. Congratulations, you are in your account)